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The Provincial Federation of trade unions to the Secretary of our condolences to the difficulties of workers, check the work of trade unions

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On the morning of January 9, from Australia's agents, boss Luke Wesley a line of three people to visit our company, negotiate business, company Cheng Dong, in Australia Office Exercises Exercises general manager warmly received and accompanied from afar the guests to introduce to visit.

The morning of January 9th, from Australia, Luke Wesley and other agents boss a line of three people to visit our company and negotiate business, the company in Australia, Cheng Dong, general manager of office operation process such as the warm reception and accompanied the guests from afar tour. In order to allow customers to more intuitive understanding of the production, process and quality control of our company, Cheng Dong personally led the customer a pedestrian to the workshop line inspection.

Came to the front line of production, Dong Cheng lead customers according to made the production process one by one workshop to introduce to visit, the workshop clean and tidy, orderly process of operation, strict management, every process, every parts are after strict quality inspection personnel inspection qualified to pass. Especially in the visit to the robot polishing workshop, the customer to our advanced technology, strength and quality assurance has a more clear understanding and recognition, and expressed appreciation.

By the customers and factory "intimate contact", to allow customers more detailed understanding of our entire production process, so as to enhance the trust of our products, and further strengthen the confidence in the future market development. Division I also through in-depth communication with customers, more clearly understand the needs and characteristics of the local market. After the field investigation, two parties to negotiate further, understanding, enhance mutual trust, for future long-term stable cooperation laid the solid foundation, but also marks a new step in our cooperation, towards a more broad space and the future!