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Raudas customer visit reports

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March 16, since silver sage company established in 2004 is cooperation with domestic customers -- Wenzhou Hong l group (Laodasi bathroom) line to visit our visit, negotiate business, to study the sage of silver company Laodasi leadership Technology Department Hu total procurement, department where total three people, with our company many years of business dealings, their boss with the overall process also an old friend. Cheng Zong, deputy head of the production department, such as the company's leadership warm reception, on the further expansion and depth of cooperation and other issues of a pleasant exchange and communication, and to reach a consensus.

Wenzhou Hong l group (Laodasi sanitary ware) founded in September 1975, professional commitment to faucets, bathroom hardware and decorative hardware production and R & D, is currently the most powerful domestic scale of bathroom hardware manufacturer, is a large corporation; from our purchasing faucet products are exported to the United States, France, Poland and other. Silver sage as hung up the upriver client group and trustworthy supplier, both product quality and technical requirements are excellent, also make consumer satisfaction. In order to more comprehensive and objective understanding of silver sage, he and Hu total as the company senior representatives from thousands of miles away to visit the production enterprise, silver sage scene on-the-spot investigation, more in-depth understanding of. In a period of day itinerary medium range general to lead customers visited the production workshop made of each link, for customers are introduced in detail product production process, quality control and production process of continuous improvement and innovation, also introduced the silver sage company's development and product research and development and innovation ability. Ms. He, Hu total line through the on-the-spot investigation, of silver sage and said appreciation and recognition and confidence; and that silver sage company providing products are high quality, safe and reliable, at the same time, also for the rapid development of silver sage feel surprise and delight.

In addition, with the continuous change of the market and the rapid development, customers are also put forward new requirements and needs; therefore, overall process with customers, a detailed understanding of the situation and the discussion, said we will try to consider and fully meet the customer needs, and make corresponding adjustment and improvement efforts; at the same time, the total process but also a sincere expression of the silver sage gratitude, thank Hong Sheng group has been on silver sage's trust and support. In the spirit of mutual benefit and sincere cooperation, we will be way past, a total of through the wind and rain, and common progress, the cooperation between the two sides sustained and intensive push down, and the silver sage, the series of products are incorporated into the future cooperation between the ranks of the procurement, including online and offline also to operate. Yinshengwang will also focus on R & D and production, and strive to provide customers with safe, free and profitable quality products. Both sides expressed to joint efforts, the silver sage brands to become bigger and stronger, at the same time, also for Hongsheng group to bring greater benefits, achieve a win-win results.