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Division I to participate in the 119th session of the Spring Fair

2016-05-12 10:11:14 点击数:

This session of the Canton Fair, I Division of a total of 4 booths, product unique, innovative, layout prominent, attracted a lot of customers, especially the new development of this year's 4 series of exhibits have been particularly concerned. Show five days time, Division I received more than 170 new foreigner business customers, more than half from our main export markets - Australian customers; this year visiting the total number of customers substantially more than the last autumn fair, many of whom are some of the best potential customers. On this basis, the company is the Ministry of international trade will be the development and continue to follow up until the transaction is successful.

And old customers, our several major partners are all arrived at the scene, and interesting to observe new products, to understand the new development trend, with the overall process in-depth study of current sanitary industry import and export trade status, said willing to long-term and our keep win-win cooperation and common development.

New customers, the Australian high-end bathroom dealers COB & PEN, after years of tracking and good communication, and finally hand in hand cooperation, and there are 2 series of new products will be the first time in the Australian market.

Although, in recent years, the international trade situation of poor. However, our thanks to deploy correctly 5 years bold market transformation and new product has in the whole watermark sanitary ware industry realized leaping development, and have achieved outstanding market achievement, also let the customer experiences from the aspects of product quality to the technical innovation to the continuous development and growth of silver sage bathroom, and enhance the confidence of customers long-term cooperation, also let silver sage sanitary ware brand towards the internationalization of more confidence in the firm.

Silver sage will also in a more professional, sophisticated, efficient, high quality manner to produce high quality products, service to a wider user.